Mogul State – creating fashion and giving back to the community

Rare are those fashion brands that truly cherish and appreciate the community and their starts. What is one fashion brand without its fan base and consumers? In the times when human awareness, kindness, and help is more than welcome, one fashion brand that truly stands out in its contribution to the community is Mogul State.

Culture and lifestyle have been a constant inspiration for fashion consumers. Displaying a way of life, certain cultural, economic, and environmental dependence and motivation are best delivered by the clothes we wear. It is a common way of spreading a message or just showing where you stand. Having all that and much more as creative directives, Mogul State was founded as a unique fashion brand that supports positivity, perseverance, confidence, and love.

The mission and the vision of the brand itself, spoken through the language of fashion deliver a fabulous mixture of streetwear and elegance. The blend between the all-time classics of streetwear fashion comes upgraded in a new and fabulous version, enriched with elegance and chic.

The truly extraordinary pieces that are part of the brand's huge offer, and that best carry out the brand's message, vision, and mission are divided into men's, woman's, and kid's categories. With a special note to the men's fashion needs, Mogul State offers the modern men an abundance of clothing garments, footwear, and accessories. From the first look, the Mogul 8 Sweatshirt delivers a unique and extraordinary fashionable look, combining, colors, prints, motifs, and sports vibe. For those looking to add a bit more unique elegance to their looks, the Embroidery Bomber Jacket is a perfect representation of how elegance, trends, and sports style come together in one highly fashionable piece. There are also fabulous watches, bags, and other garments that can easily transform one's style and outfit.

From women’s collection, the most eye-catching and demanded piece that stands out is the Mogul Sac Bag. It comes in crocodile print and three available colors. Another extremely fashionable and trendy piece is the Autumns Loose blazer that is a wonderful representation of several winter trends combined together: patchwork, medium length, double breasting, and vibrant colors.

The kids' offer also includes some extraordinary garments, that will style great as “me mini-mei me” matches and combinations.  

What makes this brand's work and existence truly philanthropic is that 50% of the brand's profits go directly as funds for rebuilding broken neighborhoods – a generous and kind way to give to those who need it the most!

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