An Unbias thought of the past 400 days in America

Let me explain what I have seen in America in the past four years, and as a reminder, I am a black man in the process of gaining American citizenship. I can only speak for myself, and you can trust my words or not. I will allow you to form your opinion after reading.

Everything that I am about to say is coming from the most unbias heart.

What we saw yesterday at Capital Hill had nothing to do with white supremacy, white privilege, Democrat, Republican, Left, Right, Antifa, BLM, or whatever you may call it. 

I am writing this because I feel like we need a different perspective. After all, we can see the old narratives are not working.

Do you know who is to blame for the chaos in America? No, it's not Donald Trump. Stay with me! 

We must blame the two-party system for killing this country. We all witnessed things take a turn for the worst, even during the Obama Presidency. Wait, I hope I am not losing you. Hear me out!

People, think about this, we have two parties who are significantly different and have been at each other throats like we have never seen before for eight years! Not FOUR!

The Democrats spent the past eight years antagonizing the right, calling them racist, bigots, homophobes, lairs, Trump cult, uncle toms, and white supremacists. 

They have been actively censoring Conservatives on social media, white, black, or brown. It didn't matter.

Republicans spent the eight past years calling the left stupid, cheaters, communists, the real racist, crazy, master manipulators, and sociopaths.

Even worst, our nation's most trusted news networks have also played a massive part in this because we know or should know that some networks lean more left and some lean more right. So it is not very easy to tell who is telling you the truth. People will choose what to believe based on their overall views of the world. But how do we get our views or ideas? 

The information we consume every day from the news, social media, tv shows, and movies are the most powerful tools to shape our world views.

Just consider this.

We shouldn't be surprised by what happened yesterday. I predicted this would happen.  

After all the name-calling, fingers pointing, double standards, scandals, and censorships slammed in our faces day after day by the people American citizens appointed into power. 

The only people to blame for this destruction are the POLITICIANS.

They have refused to come together and serve the needs of everyone. 

Their HATE for each other has trickled down to the citizens. 

American citizens need to DRAW THE LINE and demand PEACE. We are TIRED. Our politicians must stop fighting like kids on the playground. We must find a better way to give regular citizens more power.

Example: The last spending bill

I understand that we need to aid other nations. But can the people vote on where our tax dollars go and not the politicians?

Like, can we use the money to fix up the '"Ghetto?"

Why is that still a thing if we can give 10 million to Pakistan for gender studies?

I thought fixing the wealth gap in this country was a priority. So why not use tax dollars to bring more opportunities to these underprivileged neighborhoods. Just A thought

Well, I guess that's why I created Mogul State. Probably not the best time to advertise, but here it goes, our fashion store donates 50% of its profits to fight these apparent problems. So check that out. 

Now let's continue; the truth is not everyone on the right is white, evil, or racist, and vice-versa to everyone on the left. BUT, it is continuously being hammered into our heads by the politicians and their media minions on both sides. 

Everyone their own biases; we unconsciously assume things about each other based on the information we consume all the time. 

Our obsession with race will be our downfall. When moving to America, I prioritized mixing and mingling with everyone from different backgrounds. Even after being told to watch out for the big old scary white man. 

What I have learned is that we are all people with so much in common. Some have a rougher start than others, but we all have the same opportunities. 

The opportunities may not have the most visible path, but it's there, and you have to fight for it. It's going to come down to your decisions or, unfortunately, as sad as this sounds, someone else's stupidity. 

It's important not to allow the things we see on social media and television to distract us from what we need to accomplish in life.

The politicians are supposed to be our mouth peace, not our saviors.

I blame the politicians and the media for all the terrible events in America in the past 400 days.

What you witnessed on Capitol Hill was not a coup. It was a cry for help! 

In my opinion:

  • Both parties have to go because they are too decisive. The government needs reform.
  • The media needs reform. No more gaslighting, No more bias, no more opinions, just the facts.
  • Tv shows and Movie companies stop with the racial stereotypes in your performances. It's unconsciously infecting our minds. 
  • LGBTQ community, you are loved. Stop fighting. We are still learning.
  • Black Men, you are loved. Stop killing each other, and the white cop is not out to get you. He is bais based on the information he consumes about us daily portrayed by the media. He is not racist.
  • We have to meet in the middle. No wrong, No right, just common ground.

This is an opinionated article not meant to offend anyone but instead, bring a problem to light. I hope you enjoyed reading; whether you agree or not, we can still share a pizza.

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  1. Mogul State

    The Sport Momma I am will to learn. I am an immigrant myself.

  2. Mogul State

    Hannah Martinez, I understand your thoughts, and I want to decipher them.
    Equal Opportunity
    The idea of opportunity can be somewhat misleading.
    Equal opportunity is, in fact, for everyone in America. The problem is that low-income families may not have many resources to seek opportunity, but it’s there. It’s just more challenging but not impossible; it just makes resources uneven and opportunity equal.
    The good thing about America is that you can take what little resources you have and then make an opportunity. Then repeat the cycle until you get to where you want to be in life.

    Education Gap
    The education gap that you are seeing is a figment of your environment. The schools do not define education. The knowledge you acquire from intentional learning is far more critical. Our generation is blessed with information at our fingertips, and we can choose to play the victim or push past our circumstances.

    Your opportunity is not out of reach. You’re just not taking in the right information. The more you choose to believe in this statement, the less you will try to overcome it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as long as you are willing to change your mindset.

  3. faizan


  4. The Sport Momma

    Thanks for expressing yourself with grace, intellect and YOUR truth. I, actually, believe that 85% of it to be on target. What I would add is that being an immigrant, there is a depth to the history of several points you made that you just would not know about or truly understand. I’m not trying to be argumentative, I’m just stating a fact. That history aspect of this situation is where the 15% that I don’t agree with falls. With all that being said, I’m in for that pizza/beet/wine conversation!! ;-). Open dialogue and willing to learn is the only way that things will improve…. in my opinion, of course!

  5. Hannah Martinez

    I agree with most statements in this article however, I noticed you believe that we all have equal opportunity. I strongly disagree with this. Being poor is the lack of opportunity. Even though I am a top performer at my school I have seen the education gap between myself and other students from different regions. With that being said I will admit that there are opportunities to grasp, but what use are they if they are constantly out of reach?

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